BPS Lower Suction Dentures

Are you missing all or most of your lower teeth? If so, BPS lower suction dentures here at Walnut Ridge Dental Care could be the solution you are looking for. “BPS” stands for biofunctional prosthetic system, a method that uses top-notch materials and precise techniques to create dentures that fit incredibly well.

Your journey starts with a thorough evaluation of your mouth. During your evaluation, our dentist and team will take detailed impressions to ensure the dentures match the unique shape of your oral structures. This tailored approach enables us to achieve a snug fit on your lower jaw, creating a suction effect that is often hard to achieve with traditional dentures.

Once your dentures are crafted, we take the time to fine-tune them for your comfort and function. The goal? To give you dentures that stay securely in place when you are talking or eating, thanks to the suction effect.

Not only do BPS lower suction dentures provide a more comfortable and stable fit than traditional dentures, minimizing the risk of slipping or causing sores, but they also enhance your ability to eat and speak clearly. They are designed to work harmoniously with the natural movements of your mouth.

In essence, BPS lower suction dentures are a combination of scientific precision and artistry, aimed at giving you a comfortable, natural-looking smile and enhancing your quality of life.

If you have any questions about BPS lower suction dentures in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, and would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Samir Patel, please call us at 870-886-3338.