Dental Lab Technology

At Walnut Ridge Dental Care, we embrace the latest advancements in dental technology to elevate the quality and efficiency of our services. From powerful intraoral scanners and advanced CAD/CAM software to high-performance milling units and 3D printers, our comprehensive range of cutting-edge equipment empowers us to create precise, lifelike dental restorations with utmost accuracy. With our commitment to staying at the forefront of dental technology, we can ensure that you receive the highest standard of care, tailored to your unique needs. This technology includes:

  • Medit Scanner: Precise digital impressions for accurate treatment planning.
  • exocad: Advanced CAD/CAM software for precise design of custom restorations.
  • VITA VACUMAT® 6000 M: Furnace for optimal firing and characterization of ceramic restorations.
  • Ivoclar Programat CS2: Crystallization furnace for firing and characterization of dental materials.
  • Zirkonzahn S900 ARTI Scanner: Scanner for crafting precise restorations.
  • Zirkonzahn.Modellier: Software for designing high-quality dental prosthetics.
  • Zirkonzahn Milling Unit M1: Milling unit for the efficient production of zirconia restorations.
  • DWX-52DCi Dry Mill: Milling machine for accurate fabrication of dental restorations.
  • MillBox: Software for efficient management and design of dental restorations.
  • SprintRay Pro 55S: 3D printer for producing precise dental models and surgical guides.
  • SprintRay 95S: Advanced 3D printer for high-quality dental restorations.
  • SprintRay ProCure 2: Post-curing unit for optimal curing of dental materials.
  • SprintRay Cure: UV curing unit for efficient polymerization of dental resins.
  • SprintRay Pro Wash: Automatic washing unit for thorough cleaning of dental models.
  • Alienware m15 RTX 3070 Laptop: High-performance laptop for efficient design and processing tasks.
  • Three Desktop Design PCs: Powerful desktop computers for intricate dental design work.
  • InstaRisa: Intraoral scanner for precise digital impressions.
  • Shining 3D Scanner: Scanning technology for accurate dental models.
  • Two MSI Gaming Laptops: Laptops for portable and efficient dental design tasks.

If you have any questions about dental technology in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, before you meet with our dentist, Dr. Samir Patel, please give us a call at 870-886-3338.